Thursday, November 3, 2011

Too Many Projects

I'm sure this has never happened to any other knitters before - too many projects at one time that need to be worked on. It doesn't help that I consider myself to be somewhat ADD so keeping my focus on one project long enough to see it through is tough sometimes. Let's see what I've got right now that needs my attention. 1. A baby blanket that I was supposed to have completed for one of my best friends whose wife had a baby girl 10 weeks ago. So much for thinking that I had "plenty of time" to get it done. I started in April, I believe. And now here it is November and I still haven't finished the blanket. In my defense though, it's not necessarily an easy blanket to get done. It requires quite a bit of concentration; especially with the portion that I'm working on right now. Here's my progress on that blanket. I'm almost halfway done with it. Maybe by her first birthday, I'll have it completed. Actually, I'm hoping to have it done way before then. But then again, I was hoping to have it done before she was born. Damn my attention span and sense or urgency can be a pain! My progress thus far. I give you Baby Blanket Latvian Garden. It's a pattern I found on Ravelry. It's my first attempt doing something of this scale and difficulty level. Not bad huh?

The next project that I have is a pair of socks that I started about a week ago. I have yet to knit something for myself, so that's what the socks are. Finally something for me. No, they're not as important as the other things that I have started, but they're the easiest to knit. Just simple, plain old socks. Here they are right now. I'm doing them two-at-a-time. I'm about to start turning the heel of the first sock. That's going to be the slowest part of this whole process. I hate having to do purls across an entire row. I'm not nearly as fast doing that as I am when I'm just simply knitting.

Next on the list if a scarf that I promised a very good friend of mine, Heather. She's one of my best female friends (aside from my wife) that I have. I met her in college and we have been there for each other through quite a bit. I promised her that I would make her a purple scarf. I started it, and the pattern is pretty simple, but I set it down for a little bit and moved on. Yes that makes me a bad friend. And yes, I need to just bust it out and get it taken care of. Of all the projects I have for other people, it's probably the easiest. Winter here in Texas doesn't last long so I need to get it finished and sent to her before winter is over with. Quit being selfish and work on that first! Talking to myself helps motivate me sometimes. Here's my progress on the scarf.